Cookies for Tea

Goji Scone

Goji Scone

After re-discovering cookies at the Eco Now expo I decided that it was time that I made some of my own. Although the ones I bought from VeganLife were yummy, gluten-free and sweetened with fruit juice, and so aren’t as naughty on the body as regular refined ones, I still prefer to have my treats raw. So, I decided to consult my recent and much loved purchase: ‘Raw Food Desserts’ by Ani Phyo. I had just made some nut milk that morning for a kick-ass chocolate shake, and had some nut pulp to use up. Ani’s cranberry scones required just that, plus some carrot pulp, so that was an excellent excuse to get all juicy! Sadly though, when I came to add my dried cranberries to the dough a meager four berries tumbled out of the storage jar. So I replaced them with goji berries instead. Super healthy, tasty and ruby red too!

Although my scones looked more like burgers (hee hee!) they were yummy straight from the dehydrator and tasted like warm fruit cake.

My favorite recipe so far is for the Raspberry Ganache Fudge Cake. I didn’t have raspberries on the occasions I made it but it worked fabulously with strawberries instead. How can you not love a really amazingly good cake that is easy to make, and is so full of healthy goodness?

Strawberry Ganache Fudge Cake

Strawberry Ganache Fudge Cake

The cute little book contains 85 recipes and are divided into the following sections: Frozen Treats; Cakes and Tartlets; Chocolate and Fudge; Puddings and Parfaits; Cookies; Fruit Simples; Sun-Baked Treats; Sauces and Kreams; and Sparkling Desserts with Wine and Champagne. So you can be sure you will find plenty of recipes and pictures to drool over.

Ani really knows her stuff. I really recommend this book as it doesn’t call for lots of expensive superfoods or hard to find young coconuts, and she gives alternatives if you don’t have a dehydrator so it’s suitable for everyone. Simple recipes with heavenly results!

Thank goodness raw desserts are actually good for the body as well as the soul, or I might be feeling a little guilty for indulging so frequently!

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