How to Be an Adventurer When Getting Out of Bed Feels a Challenge

How to Be an Adventurer When Getting Out of Bed Feels a Challenge

Is there is something incredible that you want to achieve? Something that you just can’t stop thinking about about. You know you want adventure, but you look at others cycling across continents, moving abroad, changing jobs, learning cool things, meeting amazing people, becoming self-employed and you think ‘that takes a special kind of person. That’s not me. I could never do that. I want to do that. God, how I want to do that. But no, not me.’

It’s very easy for people to say ‘just do it!’. And if you are in the right place in your life, the first steps of ‘just doing it’ are very achievable and you would steadily get on with planning your adventure, starting from point zero and working your way up to the big adventure itself by breaking it down into smaller steps: research which bike to chose, learn how to train for a long distance ride, plan the route, start training.

From life, I have learned that sometimes you are not at the starting point you need to be to get these things done. Sometimes you feel so much self doubt that, instead of feeling excited at the thought of the adventure which your heart is screaming at you to follow, you just feel…well…crap. And overwhelmed at even the smallest goal. You find yourself setting a task and always, always end up making excuses or sabotaging your efforts so you don’t have to do it.

A true gift is realising that instead of striving, battling, to make a change or reach a goal, what you actually need to do is make yourself strong, confident, vivacious and excited enough to make that change and then you will be ready to start working towards that goal. That is the goal.

Some ways to do this include:

~ Get rid of/avoid that person who tries to undermine you and diminishe your self esteem
~ Spend time with the people who truly support you and inspire you. Don’t know any? Read their books, blogs, articles instead. Watch their TED talks.
~ Write a list of the things you have already achieved and bloody well give yourself some cred for that
~ Make a list of the things that make you feel awesome. Do more of those
~ Make a list of the things that make you feel bad. Do less of those
~ Get excited! Tear out pictures of things that inspire you from magazines, stick them by your desk, in your kitchen, by your bed. My room is pretty well covered with images of surfers, VW camper vans and the sea. Just looking at them makes me feel pretty well sorted. Happy, excited, motivated.

Make your mission to reach point zero more important than remaining attached to bad habits and negative thinking – because staying stuck below point zero is saying just that. That those things and people in life that make you feel crap are more important than becoming the awesome person you want to be. Suddenly one day (probably quite soon) you will notice that you are at the starting point of your adventure. Suddenly you realise that getting to point zero has not only improved your confidence, focus, commitment, but it has also proven to yourself that you are one of those people who achieves great things. And you will feel that you are hell of a lot closer to your adventure than you ever thought imaginable. You will go from ‘I can’t…’ to ‘just bloody try and stop me!’


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