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This is a bonus blog. Wohooo! I usually only put up one post once a week, as that seems to fit my life at the moment, but for a person like me – who, when packing a small suitcase, spends far too long trying to decide what to take – ‘what if it’s cold’? or ‘what if I need this or that?’ – it’s not easy to decide which passage of thought to post.

I mean there is so much to write about! I want to write about funny incidents, or something that has helped my growth, or something I love and want to recommend, or something I am extremely grateful for.

Sometimes having so much choice and having to edit one’s own life can be daunting, It can paralyze us. We may think ‘How will I know I have made the right choice and be satisfied with it?’

A good example of this is toast. Yep toast. Roasted bread. I rarely eat toast -or bread for that matter- but I just love it. To me, a meal of tea and toast is just so amazingly comforting, tasty and cozy. But I can’t say I feel full of vitality afterwards. So I consider what many people have every day for breakfast to be a real treat. But the problem is this: what to have on my toast? There are too many choices. The options are endless. Do I go savoury: Marmite and tahini? Vegan cheese and tomato? Dairy free sour cream and vegan caviar? Avocado and salad? Or perhaps I fancy something sweet: Jam? Banana and maple syrup? Chocolate spread? Or what about a mix? Peanut butter and agave syrup? Or perhaps just plain old vegan (margarine) spread?

Image: stock xchng
Image: stock xchng

And because I can’t possibly eat a piece of toast for every option I fancy (without feeling bloated and really rather ‘blurgh’) then it puts the pressure on that sacred piece of toast. What if it doesn’t quite ‘hit the spot’? What if I choose salt but I wanted sweet? Arrgh…Toast Trauma!

So, what’s the answer? Choose one topping and be grateful for it? Go hungry? Choose something else with less attachment to it, but with the risk of missing out on yummy joy or satisfaction to avoid disappointment? Choose something that is better for your health?

When it comes down to it I usually skip the toast and have a bowl of fruit salad instead. The bowl of fruit has far less pressure on it than that poor piece of toast! But today I had both – well metaphorically speaking. Today I posted one blog and now I am complimenting that blog with a blog about blog decision angst. And the best thing is that I don’t feel bloated or wont charged for excess baggage. Sweeeeeeet! (or do I mean savoury?)

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