‘Appreciation Factor’

Forget The Celebrity ‘X Factor’ – It’s Our ‘Appreciation Factor’ That Counts!

I have to admit that I avoid reading and listening to the news. I feel that it delivers us just a teeny tiny fraction of the world’s events and are highly manipulating. I prefer instead to read optimistic and inspiring news such as Ode magazine.

But since I am hard-core Facebook user it’s hard to avoid hearing what’s going on the world. To be honest that’s good in a way as it would have been a bit weird if in 5 years I discovered that Michael Jackson had left planet Earth back in 2009. It would have been like that part in ‘Dumb & Dumber’ when Jim Carey’s character sees a framed article of man landing on the moon and runs out of the bar shouting ‘We’ve landed on the moon, everybody!’

I have to admit that Michael Jackson (MJ) was probably my first crush. Back in the late 80s he was much hotter than of late, and I have fond memories of listening to him in my bedroom as a kid, dreaming of seeing him in concert. I never did, and by the time I was old enough for such a possibility I felt his best period had passed and never made an effort to go.

I don’t know much about MJ but if anyone who isn’t causing harm to others dies – famous or otherwise – then it’s a sad thing. And regardless of who he was or wasn’t in his personal life, he did bring the world some great music. But guess what? So have so many other people. And guess what? So many non-famous people bring us fantastic things every day, but are not appreciated on the scale that people like MJ are.

It’s just the mass scale that intensifies the appreciation of these people. Take this little anecdote for example. A few weeks ago I had a naughty celebrity dream. Come on hands up who has NEVER had one of those dreams? I know you have! Well, me being me, didn’t dream of steamy passion with the latest heart-throb. No I dreamed of , let’s call him ‘Mr Celebrity’, serving me cake. Yes, it’s true! He was making a big effort to score me some vegan cake. Fully clothed. Cake – that’s all it was. Nothing to make the vicar blush what so ever. Nothing. But when someone gives a girl cake in her dream, it’s hard for her not to wake feeling rather fond of that person. Funnily enough a few days later my friend was having a cat-fight on Facebook about who gets to ‘have’ this celeb. I refrained from joining in on this public declaration of fondness for ‘Mr C’, knowing that he had served me cake and all was good. I knew where his loyalty lay.

And being the loyal girl that I am myself, I started to feel guilty for going around feeling fondness (and that’s all it was) for a chap that wasn’t my Christoffer. So my little mind went into analyze mode and I realized that Christoffer was actually very much like this celebrity. The character this actor played is a slightly nerdy but funny, kind, smart and handsome young man. He is the celebrity version of Christoffer! And I thought that if Christoffer and I had never met and he was a celeb I would definitely be having cakey dreams about him.

And am sure I wouldn’t be the only one. I am certain my friends would be fighting over him on Facebook. So what stops them from doing that now? Well, apart from the fact that I would scratch their little beady eyes out for lusting over MY man 😉 they don’t really know who he is! It’s all a numbers game. If you are a non-celebrity and say you score an average ‘appreciation factor’ (how much people appreciate your gifts to the world) of 7/10 then your total ‘appreciation rating’ would probably be (bearing in mind I am a creative person and not a numbers girl!) n x 0.7 where n is the number of people who know about your existence. The more people who know about you, the higher your total score will be.

So what’s my point? Well, let’s look at people’s ‘appreciation factor’ rather than the total score. Let’s look at our partners, friend’s, colleagues, neighbours, family with the same adoring eyes as we have when stroking pictures of our celebrity idols. Let’s assess our own ‘appreciation factor’. How can we better deliver our gifts to the world so that people can benefit from what we have to offer. How can we up our ‘appreciation factor’ to live a more fulfilling and giving life?

And since we are suddenly being bombarded with MJ songs on the radio when we hadn’t really heard much about him recently let’s remember to celebrate people now. How many people make a special effort to go to a funeral, but wouldn’t make the time to go and see that person when they were alive and well? Let’s appreciate the gifts that are given to us by others (and ourselves) on a daily basis – now! Let’s not allow ourselves and each other to become ‘famous after they died’ figures. Let’s love life now!

Oh, I guess you may be wondering who ‘Mr Celebrity’ is? Well, if you hadn’t already figured it out, the chap who was going to great efforts to bring Miss Best vegan cake in dream land was in fact Adam Brody, who played Seth in the series O.C.

Now if I can just get Christoffer to bring me vegan cake in real life then that would be something to make the vicar blush 😉

Christoffer Strömblad
My Lovely Christoffer - better than cake!
Vegan Cake!
Vegan Cake!

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