I am not a Robot!

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Image: Fragmented http://www.flickr.com/photos/fragmented

– I am not a robot and I don’t eat robot food!

– What on earth are you talking about Miss Best?

– What I mean is that I refuse to work on soulless tasks for hours on end without motivation, rest and a friendly word or two.

– And the food?

– Yes, robot food. I get cross when I get served (this usually seems to happen in pricey establishments) a fruit platter spread with nicely presented unripe fruit. The food I eat is natural and living. It wont be ripe just because you want it to be. It will be good and ripe in it’s own time. So please don’t charge me or my host and whole purseful of gold for unripe, hard fruit that tastes of nothing and makes my tummy ache just because it’s on the menu and to you a pear is just a pear and nothing more. If you want food that’s ready on demand eat nuts and bolts

End Rant….

1 thought on “I am not a Robot!

  1. Neither am I a robot….. This is our anti-robot revolution!!! Good blog Miss Best…. let’s rant some more on this as I think it’s the root of many ills in this society… love love xxx

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