Souper Supper!

Celeriac and Apple Soup (Photo: Miss Best)
Celeriac and Apple Soup (Photo: Miss Best)
In this week’s organic veg box we received a wonderfully soily and knobbly celeriac complete with stalks and leaves. To be honest I don’t tend buy celeriac as Christoffer isn’t at all fond of celery or anything remotely tasting of celery. ‘Evil Sticks’ he calls them! I love celery -it’s fab, but sadly the name Evil Sticks has stuck so when he asks what he needs to pick up at the store, I call them that instead of ‘celery’! It’s a bit silly and very naughty to call them this as celery isn’t evil at all, but a great food and it’s very cleansing and I find it to be very balancing. If I ever over-do the raw sweet treats a stick of celery or two will sort me out, making me feel refreshed and less over-sugared. Celery contains vitamin c and potassium (for a healthy nervous system) so it’s a nice little food. In fact, as I write this I resolve to call them ‘Happy Sticks’ instead. Do try and get organic celery if you can, as it is heavily sprayed otherwise.

But back to the celeriac. One of the joys of receiving an organic veg box delivered to your door is that you are forced to try things you wouldn’t normally buy. So, since Christoffer was away that evening I thought it a fantastic opportunity to use the offending root that was taking up so much space in the fridge. I quickly settled on the Celeriac and Green Apple Soup with Black Truffle from Raw Food Real World: 100 Recipes to Get the Glow by Mathew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis.

Apples and Celeriac
Apples and Celeriac
The recipe called for some crisp green apples, and since we only had sweet red ones from the fruit box, I nipped out into the garden followed by Pixie Dog, and picked a couple of apples from one of our trees. They were not quite ready so were nice and tart and worked very well in the soup. It always feels extra special to use your own produce when making meals.

Since I had neither black truffles nor truffle oil it became simply celeriac and apple soup. But, boy what a soup! So wonderfully simple to make but with such a luxurious taste. Creamy, lemony, subtle and fresh. I shall definitely be serving this as a starter at my next dinner party. So like it or not, my darling Mr Christoffer will have to meet celery’s cousin, Evil Root…or should I say ‘Happy Root’!

For those of you in Sweden, we highly recommend Årstiderna boxes. The quality is continuously high and these fruit and veggies are so different from the organic ones you pick up from the supermarket. Also each box comes with a well planned and nicely designed recipe leaflet giving great tips and inspiration for how to prepare your goodies. This is particularly useful when you receive something that you don’t recognize or have never used before! Check them out:

Another recommendation is the beautiful book from where I got this wonderful recipe. Raw Food Real World is so wonderfully classy. Some recipes require more time, energy, and special ingredients than others, but even the less complicated dishes are bound to impress and show your guests that raw food can be gourmet. The book is beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photos of the food and the attractive authors, and contains useful information about the ingredients and why we need to eat more raw food. And if that doesn’t do it for you, then either the desserts or the cocktails will!

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