Ghoulish Grub

fingers2So, Halloween is upon us it seems. I am a little witchy all year round and have spiders living in my hair, so I don’t feel the need to dress up, but when I was rummaging through the vegetable drawer a few days ago I came across some carrots that looked rather like ugly little fingers so it gave me the idea to make some spooky looking food.

The fun thing about raw food is that it can look a little spooky at the best of times. A green smoothie, for example, does often look like it’s made from liquidized frogs and mud, and anyone who has eaten spirulina or blueberries can confirm that they leave the mouth far from attractive. The other day Christopher tried to make me jump by sneaking up on me. I did jump, and screamed too, but mainly from the fact that he had been drinking a green-purple smoothie and had – unbeknown to him- purple teeth and a green smoothie-mustache and looked really freaky!!

It went totally against Miss Best’s nature to make this ugly food and I grossed myself out by making the brain, so I shall be glad to return to pretty food this afternoon. Anyway, these are fun additions to your Halloween table and am sure kids of all ages will appreciate them!

Witchy fingers

You need:
A few carrots
Red bell pepper

Choose carrots that are as finger-like as possible (hairs and little knobbly bits are most welcome here!) Don’t scrub or peel them (try and use organic carrots if you can) as we want to keep the old fingers looking a bit rugged.

Carefully slice a little piece off the backside of each carrot so that they can lie on a plate without rolling over. Cut little fingernail sized pieces out of the red pepper and place on the tip of each carrot finger. You may need to carve out a little of the surface of the finger tip to get the ‘nail’ to stay in place.

Bleeding Brains (Eeeoww, I know – sorry!)

You need:
Pieces of cauliflower
A slice of beetroot or some beetroot juice
A couple of blueberries

Cut the cauliflower into brain shaped pieces. Either paint on some beetroot juice or dip the beetroot slice in water and rub over the brain to make it look all nice and bloody. For extra goo, squash a blueberry and rub it in to the crevices.

faceGhoul Face

You need:
Avocado dip
2 blueberries per face
A slice of beetroot

Avocado Dip (Serves 1-2):
Take 2 avocados and mash together with one large crushed clove of garlic (to keep away the evil spirits – or that horrid bloke at the office who keeps coming on to you!), 4 tsp lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. You can also add some fresh or dried chili to taste.

Spread a little dip on to a plate and make a face with blueberries for eyes and a mouth shaped piece of beetroot.

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