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Oh do forgive me, dear reader, for not posting a blog last week. I have just returned from my sister’s beautiful vegan wedding in the UK and had meant to use the long outward journey to write a blog for last Friday, but alas, it did not materialize! Because I don’t do much traveling these days I was so enjoying the time to just reflect, watch the changing scenery, and wonder what the clouds beneath me would taste like if I were to suck them up through a pink curly straw, that I forgot to put pen to paper.

Although I produced no blog post on that journey, I did have a nice food journey that I wanted to share with you. I managed to arrive at my dear sister’s after a 13 hour journey feeling tired but not at all icky or fatigued, as I have done before when I have snacked on sandwiches, crisps (chips), sweets and chocolate bars along the way.

For the journey I had prepared a salad for the plane which I enjoyed with some raw crackers and an avocado, and I brought with me a super-food laced green smoothie to enjoy before I went through security and would therefore be confiscated of any ‘dangerous’ drinks that could be used to terrorize my fellow passengers (though I do wish that someone had confiscated the greasy and smelly portion of fish & chips that my fellow passenger was scoffing on the train from the airport!!)

At the coach station in Stockholm (City Terminalen) I spied a juice bar and treated myself to a fresh carrot and orange juice with extra ginger to ward off any cold my fellow passengers may be carrying. It turns out that one fellow coach passenger was proudly shouting down his mobile that he had just been to hospital to test for swine flu which left me wondering why on earth people think that it’s some kind of status thing to be sick!? Well, perhaps swine flu gets you more sympathy than a little sniffle!

When I landed at Stansted I had some time to enjoy before my train departed and was very happy to find another juice bar where I refreshed myself with a wheatgrass juice shot and then a large beetroot, carrot, apple and extra ginger juice. The combination was balancing and hydrating and left me all zingy for the next leg of my journey, which was long, not particularly noteworthy and on which I truly enjoyed a large slab of raw chocolate cake that I had spiked with goodies like camu camu to keep the immune boosted.

And as a bonus – and this is a big achievement for Miss Best – I managed to have all this brightly coloured food and drink without spilling any of it down my new white coat!

On my journey home I didn’t pack anything to eat. I was thinking of foraging for a vegan sandwich at the train station but although I did find one it didn’t really take my fancy, and since I had a little time to spare I was able to venture into a food shop to look for something more interesting. I came away with 2 prepared fruit salads, a bag of washed salad and 3 mini pots of houmous .

Train Picnic
Train Picnic

I was jolly grateful for this light fresh food (apart from the houmous that made me feel a bit blurgh) especially since I had been enjoying plenty of vegan wedding cupcakes, and other cooked goodies during my stay.

Image: www.muluchocolate.co.uk
Image: www.muluchocolate.co.uk

The highlight though was a raw chocolate bar I had found in a health food store in Ross-on-Wye which totally rocked and was a nice treat for such a long journey. MULU silk is so smooth and silky and chunky and is definitely one of the best raw chocolate bars I have tried! MULU is made with unsprayed raw ingredients and is free from refined sugar, dairy and soya. Visit the MULU site here >>

I was jolly impressed with myself as usually when I go back ‘home’ to the UK I can’t help but fill up on all the ‘yummy’ foods they don’t have in Sweden. Those foods tend to be junky and I usually end up eating copious amounts of crisps (chips) and things but it just didn’t appeal to me this time. Maybe it was because I gave myself the green light and ate freely from the amazing vegan buffet at the wedding (plus the following 2 days of left-overs). I feel that – within reason – by not telling myself I mustn’t eat something I am more likely to get back to high raw after a little indulgence. It seems that my inner self has nothing to rebel against then! Besides after munching on vegan quiches and pasta salad for a few days, my body was grateful to get back to my usual Miss Best food!

Here is a quick list of the foods I enjoyed to boost my raw intake during my holiday:

  • Raw crackers – great when traveling and also to eat at your host’s instead of bread
  • Buckwheaties – sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat to have at breakfast with fruit, nuts, seeds and nut milk or non-dairy milk.
  • Green powder – I mixed up some spirulina, barleygrass powder, maca, purple corn and camu camu to either stir into smoothies or just water/juice if there were no smoothie opportunities. 
  • Raw chocolate or raw chocolate cake – great to treat yourself and keep you off the sugar filled versions along your travels. 
  • I also made a point of ordering a salad for a starter when we ate out. That way I layered myself with raw goodies before sampling the exciting cooked vegan dishes I was presented with.
  • And I kept my peepers peeled for fresh veggie juices at juice bars, or veggie cafes. Yay, liquid salad!

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  1. Another great post… thanks so much for the inspiration! Freshly squeezed juices are a great for when you are out and about – WARNING – some juice bars slip in a little of their own ‘flavourings’ so make sure you ask for only the squeezed juice!

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