Blame it on the Boogie

Image:Gabriella Fabbri
Image:Gabriella Fabbri

The days have gotten ridiculously short here in Sweden. By that I mean of course, the hours of daylight have been re-scheduled into a rather inconvenient slot somewhere between 8 am and 3.30 pm rather than the customary 24 hours being slimmed down as some sort of money saving precaution.

I am very grateful for the fact that I work from home and can go out walking at lunch time so that I at least get a bit of fresh air when it’s light – unlike poor Christoffer who only gets to see what our area looks like in the daylight on weekends! But I really have have to keep an eye on the time to make sure that I have taken Pixie dog for a nice long walk before it gets too dark. One damp, cloudy day when it had barely gotten light at all thanks to the grey sky I caught myself having a little moan at this. I had to have a little giggle though because I realised that I was trying to find someone to blame the lack of light on: the government, the recession, the price of out-of-season tomatoes….but then I realised ‘it is as it is’ and asides from moving to a warmer sunnier country there is not much I can do about it, but stop moaning, put on my walking boots and get some air and exercise!

Which reminds me of an interesting fact I read in Gabriel Cousens ‘Conscious Eating’ where research shows that exercise gives relief from depression in 80% of cases where as Prozac helps about 65-70%. I think that is an amazing, and probably not well-known fact. And the side effects of exercise are heck of a lot more positive than those of Prozac!

I am not about to naively bang on about how to cure depression by slipping on a pair of leg warmers and doing an aerobics class as I am no expert in Prozac or depression. Besides, if I was depressed I am not sure how I would react to someone saying ‘C’mon grumpy pants, get your trainers on a give me 100 sit-ups’ as I am sure it’s more complex than that, but now when I am just mildly bored of the dark damp grey days (hurry up and snow properly will you!!?) I know that I certainly feel better for getting daily exercise.

But I do believe that exercise has to be fun. I love a walk in the forest with Pixie. Christoffer loves spending a day on the golf course (actually, yes, it is physically demanding – I have seen how his physique improved when spending hours on the course each week, which rather put a stop to my ‘golf isn’t a sport, it’s a recreational stroll for pensioners’ attitude!) I also love a good dance but don’t do it enough, which is a shame as it puts such a big smile on my face. So next time I get a bit fed up with the weather I will reclaim my power and make sure I ‘don’t blame it on the (lack of) sunshine, don’t blame it on the (lack of) moonlight (damn clouds!), don’t blame it on the good times; blame it on the (lack of) the boogie’. Ooohhh, yeah!

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