Double the Love

Chocolate Truffles. Recipe by Miss Best, made by Mirjam, photo by Christoffer!

I don’t usually blog twice in one week, but I just had to share this with you. Yesterday, Christoffer and I received a little parcel in the post. Inside was a very pretty heart shaped box. Nestled inside this box were some beautiful, Life-Loving Chocolate Truffles.

Christoffer’s mum, Mirjam, had made these gorgeous, chocolatey balls of heaven from a recipe included in my e-book ‘Loving Life-Loving Desserts‘, and sent them to us as a Valentine’s present.

Oh, I was so excited when I saw what it was, that I nearly wet myself! Even without the box, it is a true treat to receive Life-Loving Chocolate Truffles, that not only taste heavenly, but are also free from nasties like refined sugar, dairy products, eggs and additives! Presenting them in such gorgeous packaging is like adding, well, a little bit of heaven on top of heaven.

We tasted one each after lunch today, and they taste just perfect! I am very happy that the recipe works so well! Ahh, I feel so honoured to receive such a gift. It feels like I have blown a little kiss out into the world, and that Mirjam has caught it, added her own creative love, and then blown it right back at us.

The trick now, is for me not to nibble away at those little truffles before tomorrow. Although, if I did, I could make some more and sneak them into the box before Christoffer notices. I do have the recipe, after all! 😉

Happy Valentine’s to you!

Oh, and don’t forget that the 20% discount off my e-book ‘Loving Life-Loving Desserts: 43 delicious, but secretly healthy, recipes to make you smile’ runs out at 9am (GMT) on Monday 15th February. I am very happy to see that people have been using the discount code to treat themselves to these Life-Loving recipes. I hope lots and lots of people are enjoying tasty desserts from my e-book this weekend. 🙂

Remember to quote ‘Love20‘ at the checkout to pick up a copy for just $10.20 (excl. VAT for EU residents) or £7.99 (incl VAT). You can read more about the e-book and order it here >>

And if you want a little chocolate teaser, then take a look at this recipe for Chocolate Chip Ice Dream that I posted last week. This frozen desserts also appears in my e-book. Not only will it make a lovely dessert on any day, but with Pancake Day coming up on Tuesday, I can certainly recommend you whipping up some of this to smother on your pancakes. Oh, I have some lovely pancake recipes in the e-book too. Aren’t I just so thoughtful?! 😉

Chocolate Box
Photo: Christoffer Strömblad

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