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Yay, it’s Friday! Time to start winding down/revving up (which ever you prefer!) for the weekend. In the past, I would celebrate the start of the weekend by cleaning my home, then preparing a simple but delicious pasta dish and open a bottle of wine…I would then eat, drink, and chuckle the night away on the sofa watching brilliant Friday night comedy on TV. Sounds lovely, some may think (and it was!) but it was deep down a way to numb out the disappointing week from working in an unfulfilling job and knowing that the coming weekend was not going to be spent with inspiring individuals! I would enjoy slowly slipping into my wheat and alcohol induced slumber on the sofa, which would continue long into the next morning!

In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of replacing these important food/drink rituals so that you don’t just cut out unhealthy food and drink, but that you have something lovely to replace it with. When I am organized enough, I now make raw pizza for our weekend treat, otherwise I make a really yummy raw pasta dish with an amazing pesto sauce that I am going to share with you some time soon. Christoffer and I will still watch something, but my food and drink doesn’t make me nod off anymore, so I actually get to finish watching what we started!

But what about the wine? Well, I do occasionally drink organic red wine, but these days my Friday treat comes in the form of something quite different.

Me and my coconut
Me and my coconut in Costa Rica!

Since spending four months in Costa Rica a few years ago, I have fallen head-over-heels in love with agua de pipa or coconut water. Over there you could pick up a chilled young coconut for a few cents on the beach, and happily slurp up the refreshing juice with a straw before having fun trying to scoop out the yummy flesh without the use of a spoon.

There is a distinct lack of coconut trees here in Sweden, but thankfully I can find raw, organic coconut water in cartons on line, or in a couple of well-stocked health food stores in Stockholm.

Coconut waterCoconut water is super nutritious full of amino acids, minerals and electrolytes. It is wonderfully hydrating (unlike alcohol which robs your body of precious moisture) and is therefore great after you’ve been shaking your bootie, or working out!

To make this an extra special drink (almost cocktail-like), do make sure you serve your coconut water well chilled, and in your prettiest glass, unless you have the luxury of being able to sip directly from the coconut!

You can find Dr Antonio Martins organic raw coconut water online here:

Råvarubutiken (Scandinavia)

Fresh Network

The Fresh Network (Rest of World)

Or if you happen to be in Stockholm Gryningen on Folkungagatan (Södermalm) and Goodstore on Skånegatan (also on Södermalm).

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