Be prepared – Be Juicy!

If I could only give one tip to help people succeed at eating yummy, healthy, energizing food it would be just that: be prepared.

When I was younger I was a girl guide. Yep, complete with blue uniform and life-saving badges. I think I stopped going when I got old enough to be aware of the lack of ‘cool’ factor about this activity. But I did learn one thing from my experience as a helpful, if not rather mischievous little girl guide, and that is from their motto ‘Be prepared’.

If I could only give one tip to help people succeed at eating yummy, healthy, energizing food it would be just that: be prepared. We need to plan a little and think ahead to make sure that we always have access to the food that best serves us. If not, then when energy levels drop, or hunger strikes we are at the mercy of convenience stores, vending machines, or the nearest restaurant, which may not even have a salad bar.

If, however, you have thought a little ahead then you will have something to snack on to keep you going, keep your mind alert and keep you away from life-draining temptations. And this pre-planing doesn’t even need to entail a lot of work. Just by buying or ordering in some suitable snack bars to keep in your handbag or desk, you are giving yourself a much better chance at staying true the foods you know keep you happy and healthy. Of course fruit is a great option too, but it’s also good to have something with a longer shelf life so you can have some emergency stashes dotted around your person/office/car/home.

This week I tried a great bar from Juice Mastercalled ‘Veggie Juice in a Bar‘. As they say themselves ”It’s juice…but in a bar”. Made from 100% raw vegan ingredients this yummy, moist bar is packed full of goodies such as dates, almonds, wheat grass juice, green vegetable juice, sea vegetables and algae. No nasties in this bar what so ever. Just yummy goodness, and that’s what we want, right!? Of course, you can’t beat freshly juiced veggies, but having them so conveniently stored in a bar is a fab idea.

I liked this bar, not only because it’s packed with juicy raw goodness, but also because all the green seems to balance out the sweetness of the dates. So although it tastes sweet, it has a more of a sweet-savoury taste. I didn’t feel over-sugared by it either, as I can sometimes feel from date based treats.

It has a nice balance of carbs and protein so would make a great snack before or after working out too. I will be stocking up on these for sure. And I am not the only one who has a soft spot for these bars. Last year they won the Best New Food Product Prize at the Natural and Organic Awards.

The bar also comes in a super fruit variety containing acai and goji berries, which I will want to try next. Purely in the name of research, of course!

Oh, by the way, my bar was sent wrapped in paper, which seems to be a good idea as the paper absorbed a little moisture from the bar. So you may want to wrap this bar in a tissue or something if you keep it in your handbag, in case it leaks a little juiciness. I am queen of having to peel squished raisins and the like from my dairy or mobile phone, or tying to get rid of other squashed food stains from inside my handbag, so I can definitely recommend a little preventative action here!

Stock up with a box of the yummy Veggie Juice in a Bar and Super Fruit in a Bar from Juice Master here >>

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