3 Raw Magic Secrets

Kate Magic
Kate Magic – Image: Hedvig Stabell

As you may have heard, at the end of October Kate Magic held a talk and workshop here in Stockholm. It was a true pleasure for me to host Miss Magic, and a real honour to get to spend a few days with her.

We had a really good turn out with very high quality guests, and I really look forward to getting to know my new raw friends from the events.

Raw Magic Workshop
Raw Magic Workshop – Image: Hedvig Stabell

I would love to share with you what I learned from the talk and the workshop, but I could probably fill a whole book with the inspiration and information I gained, and seeing as though Kate has already done so, I recommend instead that you read Kate’s book Raw Magic and/or go to one of these events if she comes to a venue near you. Check out her events page here >>

Kate's Magic Cake
Kate\’s Magic Cake

There are, however, three things that I can summarise:

  1. Going to events like Raw Magic will bring you more than you can imagine. It’s not just about information, you come away with a new spark of passion, a perky boost of inspiration and a pocket full of phone numbers and email addresses for like-minded people in your area
  2. Sneaking superfoods into your food is actually pretty easy when you get the inspiration. Maca, for example (a powder made from maca root that is a great energy booster and helps balance the body and hormones) is not very tasty on its own, but a little spoonful in a raw mayonnaise for example will bring some potent power without the taste.And I am sure that not many would disagree when I say that eating a little superfood-laced raw chocolate cake is a rather heavenly way to increase your nutrient intake! I believe it’s just about getting into the habit of pimping up the nutrient content of your food with potent superfoods. The Raw Magic events and book really help you get into the habit!
  3. When you need to boost your body and mind into overdrive without burning yourself out, raw food is really the premium choice. The week of Kate’s visit was pretty intense (especially as I had been organizing everything while working full time on other projects) with late nights and early mornings, but I felt really focused, and each morning I woke up thanking the power of raw and superfoods that my energy levels were sustained despite missing meals and being on the go all the time.It can be easy to get used to the benefits of eating a high raw diet, and sometimes I take it for granted. When I compare how I felt during that week with previous times before I discovered raw food, when I used to work with organizing conferences, for example, having enough energy to actually enjoy the event rather than being burned out just from the organization is a true gift. My recovery after this intense period was also a lot quicker!
Miss Best and Miss Magic
Miss Best and Miss Magic (Image: John)

It’s been three weeks since the Raw Magic events and I am happy to say that the magic remains, and my witchy intuition tells me that it’s going to lead to some great things for many people.

I have another exciting event in mind, so watch this space for some more inspiring events and raw cake! (If you don’t want to miss out on future announcements, make sure you sign up for my e-zine!)

Thanks to Hedvig for the great venue for the workshop and the lovely images!