Keeping Healthy While Traveling

‘Sex me up’ sounded great but I secretly longed for ‘Fibre Active’

Oh, dear Reader. It has been an age since I last wrote to you. There have been some exceptionally interesting changes to my life of late. I’m sure I’ll fill you in on these, piece by piece, but one thing I can mention is that I have been fortunate to add some extra zing to my days by indulging in a spot of country hopping.

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself to spend more time with family and friends, and since we all are spread out a bit over Europe, it has meant that –what a shame- I have had to combine this with a spot of travelling.

I gave some tips when travelling in the raw in a previous post, and I am still totally into seeking out juice bars whenever I arrive or depart from an airport or train station.

I write this from Copenhagen airport in a deliciously funky juice bar called Joe & the Juice. I am totally digging the vibe here. Upbeat dance music, good choice of juices (including some nice and green ingredients like spinach and celery) and rather club-like furniture. Oh, and of course there is the titchy-tiny bonus of an all male…sorry, all young hot male…crew behind the bar.

‘Sex me up’ sounded great but I secretly longed for ‘Fibre Active’
They have a juice called ‘Sex me up’, and on my first visit here a few days ago, I so longed to ask the young man behind the bar for such an order, but alas I didn’t feel that the ingredients – passion fruit, apple, ginger – would be what my body needed since I was actually a bit hungry and wanted something more filling. The good news was that they had a smoothie with avocado, which I knew would do the trick. Not too sweet and nice and satisfying. The downside was that it had the rather un-sexy name of “Fibre active”. Damn! I may as well have asked for a litre of prune juice and an enema kit.

I was, however, able to redeem myself on this visit by telling the youthful blonde who served me that I would really love some “young blood”. And so I am sipping this rather delicious and cleansing cocktail of celery, lemon, apple and ginger as I write this. As I mentioned, I prefer more green in my juice. Too much sweet fruit will make my blood-sugar levels crash and leave me without the zingy energy that I love so much.

Joe and the Juice
The great thing with topping up on juices when travelling is that they really hydrate you without making you all heavy and sluggish before your journey. Such a better alternative to booze or coffee. Especially if you are getting a bit of eye candy while you suck on Joe’s juice!

If you are not lucky enough to find some decent eye candy, sorry, I mean juice, while travelling then do make sure you carry some groovy snacks in your bag to keep your energy up while scooting around the country/world. Here are some ideas.

  • Apples
  • Celery sticks
  • Cucumber (These days, I literally just travel around with a whole cucumber in my bag. I have given up being dainty and cutting it into sticks. I find it much quicker to throw the whole thing in my bag and munch on it as and when. I find that if you don’t cut it into pieces, the cucumber stays fresher if you don’t eat it straight away; besides, cutting it would require a knife, which you may not always have on you, seeing as though you are not MacGyver!
  • Nuts (raw and unsalted if possible. You don’t want the salt the dehydrate you)
  • Seeds eg hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Raw energy bars
  • Raw chocolate bars
  • Raw crackers

To stay really refreshed I try and eat more green things like the cucumber and celery with apple rather than going crazy on sweet fruit, dried fruit and sweet raw bars, which again can mess with your blood sugar.

I also usually carry a dodgy looking bag of spirulina, barley grass and maca to stir into juice if I am really feeling that I need some green. Though I did refrain from that this time. Well, rather I forgot, since I was a tad distracted by the view…I mean yummy juice ;)…

You can find Joe & the Juice bars in Denmark and London

4 thoughts on “Keeping Healthy While Traveling

  1. Ah what a shame we gave Joe’s a miss last time we were at Kastrup. Sounds so yummy, the music was just a little too up beat and loud for 6 am, so we went straight back to sleep as soon as we got on the plane.. Zzzz dreaming our way through the clouds. Could have used some refreshing and energising juice on arrival tho! 🙂

  2. Well, dreaming in the clouds isn’t a bad alternative! 🙂 Luckily juice bars are getting more popular…but, still, any time I see one at an airport I get soooo happy! 🙂 Happy travels! xx

  3. May I write from a bit far away? 😉 (sunny today in Madrid!!!)
    Just to say Miss Best that we miss this kind of attitude in this country where in theory we have really good vegetables and fruit….
    It is always a real pleassure to read you…if Red Bull gives you wings (apparently), reading you supplies me with energy to keep eating healthy for at least 3 complete days….keep it up Miss Best!!!

  4. Thank you Ruben! What a lovely comment 🙂 I’m envious of your lovely fruit and vegetables…and your sun! I think I should come to Madrid to taste them one day 🙂 Keep happy and healthy 🙂 xx

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