When sexy momentum grabs your hand

If something is in a good state it is easier to keep it that way. Going from lumpy sack to bouncy goddess may require a bit of a push, but once you get going, momentum grabs you by your hand and pulls you half way.

In April 2009 I bought a house. I wasn’t so much in love with the house as with the surroundings. Commuting distance from the center of Stockholm but set on a beautiful peninsula. Venturing outside the house, a two minute stroll would bring you to a peaceful lake, complete with a petite sandy beach and jetty that stretched out, out into the water towards the sunny horizon. If your legs took you further, a wooded path would take you along the water’s edge, across a meadow and back into the woods.

The sun melts into my lake
The sun melts into my lake (Image: C Strömblad)

For lazier moments a giant garden with fruit trees and all-day sun (when Ms Sunshine was out to play) provided a grassy bed for reading and sky gazing.

But this house needed some work. For two and half years it was in varying states of progress. Paint pots. Boxes of homeless possessions while room x or y was being worked on. Dust. Oh the dust! Sometimes it felt pointless trying to be tidy. It never felt clean or orderly no matter how much one excelled at being a domestic goddess.

But now she is finally complete. She is enjoying her new beauty and flirts tremendously well, posing magnificently for photos and batting her luscious eyelids at anyone who cares to glance her way. And I am finding it so much easier to be a domestic goddess. Oh the joy of having decent storage! Oh the joy of living in new, sexy surroundings! And I find it very motivating to keep things clean and tidy for I can easily see the results.

Living in a bit of a mess for 2.5 years is a somewhat familiar feeling as it is how I feel about my body. There have been stages in my life where I haven’t exercised regularly, where I have been eating the wrong kind of foods. Comfort eating. Eating out of boredom. Eating just to feel something! My rationale then was ‘ well I look and feel like crap anyway, another tub of ice-cream / bottle of wine / 3 of Nigella Lawson’s fatty buns won’t make any difference.’

But when I am eating well and working out I feel good. It is so much easier to keep eating well and exercising when I can easily see the benefits and I certainly don’t want to regress to my previous state of a lumpy sack. Sure in the beginning it takes some work to get into the routine (for that is all it is!) of knowing what to eat and planning time for exercise, but after a while it becomes just part of your life. This is what I eat. This is how I spend some of my time. I work out. I am a runner or I go to the gym. I feel good.


Please don’t think I am bragging or looking down at anyone who doesn’t have the pleasure of feeling good. What I am trying to say is that if something is in a good state it is easier to keep it that way! Going from lumpy sack to bouncy goddess may require a bit of a push, but once you get going, momentum grabs you by your hand and pulls you half way.

This is one of the reasons I love coaching. It doesn’t have to be a life-long experience, but many people benefit from getting help in the early stages to find out what they want to achieve and how they can do it, and most importantly being supported by someone who cares so damn much about you achieving it that they will prod, poke and hug you into getting it done!

I have recently been working with a delicious woman business owner here in Stockholm. I helped show her what healthy foods to eat to increase her energy, loose weight, and beat those pesky sugar cravings. Just after one week she was looking so good! After a few months of working together she now has the knowledge and motivation to keep things ticking along the track she wants to follow by herself. Maybe she will want some more coaching in the future when she decides to approach new challenges, who knows! But for now she is looking and feeling so much better than a few months ago!

This is what she says “The advice and help she (Miss Best) has given will be priceless to me for many years to come and will help me to continue growing in both my business and personal life.”

If you feel that you need some help, encouragement and guidance to getting your momentum going to grab your life and business by the hand and dance in the direction you want it to go (rather than the other way round) then please feel free to get in touch! You don’t even have to live in Stockholm to work with me! Email: hello@miss-best.com

Have a fantastic weekend!

3 thoughts on “When sexy momentum grabs your hand

  1. Please don’t break my heart and tell me that your finished house is the one you are going to sell? What about raw food retreats? Sounds an ideal spot! (and anything to get me back to Stockholm has to be a good thing 😉

  2. I am going to break your heart, Dear! I know … it is such a perfect place for retreats…but life didn’t move as fast as I did…and now it’s time for me to move on…hee hee! 🙂

    Love your site. Great concept. Will post your link on Facebook 🙂 Freelancers soooo need a helping hand!

    Have a super yummy weekend. Hope you like the book 😉

    Oh, and let me know whenever you are in London next…we can go get some raw cake 🙂 xxx

  3. Yes I loved the book. Just the simple concept of banana “ice cream” has rocked the world of my four year old! And the Apple Crumble (swoon!!!).

    You can introduce me to the raw places in London; I have no idea!!!!

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