Salty Adventures

Woooo-eeeeee! Doesn’t a year go quickly? I took a bit of a spontaneous break from Miss Best and have been following a new sense of adventure and re-discovering my love of food. Adventures have been local, exploring parts of my new home, East London, and others have been further afield and fulfilling some long-lusted-after goals: learning to surf, spending 10 days at Glastonbury festival, learning the drums, traveling.

Surfing has been particularly awesome and has made me smile, made me frown, made me gasp for air. It has given me pure moments of utter bliss while floating in the evening sun. It’s got me into a wet suit in the January chill and has coaxed me out of a tent at 6 am. It’s brought into my life lovely new friends and has introduced me to the beauty of Cornwall and Devon. And Morocco. And if that’s not enough, it has left me with golden skin, sparkly eyes and kick ass arm muscles! BooooooooM! But damn, the Ocean is a foxy minx and she has also left me frustrated as hell. But there are many parallels to be drawn from these salty adventures with life itself, and I always learn something new about myself. About life. About other people. And about nature.

I’ve been learning along the way of what food is awesome enough to power such excitement. Food tastes much better when eaten  with friends so I’m going to have fun sharing these insights with you, in a kind of virtual dinner party-cum-picnic. Hope you’ll join me along the way. And share with the rest of us your adventures with food!

Is the surf calling? It’s time to start! Even if you don’t know anyone else who’s up for it, there are plenty of people out there who are! We surfers are a very friendly bunch, always up for adventure and are very welcoming. I rocked on up on my first surf trip with a bunch of (then) ‘strangers’ and we have since then shared many an amazing surf trip. Try Meet Up. Or even just booking a surf lesson at a surf camp will get you in the waves. It’s a great thing to do even if you are on your own. I went to Morocco on my own too and immediately made some super awesome friends! As you can see from the picture. Happy Days!

See you in the water!  x

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