Balanced Mind = Strong Body

When I first started Miss Best the focus was mainly on food. This is where I have my roots. I have been interested in nutrition for over 10 years. Sexy healthy food has been in my life for nearly 20 years, but two years ago I started to shift my focus when, as a business owner, I realized I was neglecting my personal well-being by solely focus on food. It’s hugely important of course, but I really did notice a certain lack of balance when I didn’t pay attention to other areas of my life like exercise, healthy relationships and my attitude to money.

This experience prompted me to widen my scope to life coaching as well as health coaching. Everything is connected. We can’t address our eating habits without considering other beliefs that we have. Take overeating, for example; does this habit mean that you ‘only’ have an issue with food, or does it mean you are eating addictive foods because it helps numb the pain you experience from not being fulfilled at work, or because you are lonely? Our physical actions start from the mind, whether we are conscious of it or not!

I was reminded of the power of the mind this week while working out. I had been eating well. Had slept well. Physically I was on form for a good work out. I usually really love exercising but my mind didn’t want to play and it was letting me know by making it really, really hard work!

’I know you are physically able to do this …but you know what? I haven’t had enough fun with friends this week, so I am going to make as much noise as possible so that it’s really hard for you to reach your exercise goal today,’ That’s exactly what I heard it say. Well, not straight away. It took me a while to tune into what was going on. So, after my workout I made sure that I planned some fun things for the following days. And guess what? Two days later I easily reached one of my exercise targets and set a new personal best. My mind and my body were well taken care of and worked amazingly as part of a team! Wooo!

Take Action!
The Mind is so influential; our physiology and internal chemistry too affect our motivation and ability to take action. So, we need to pay attention to looking after ourselves as an entirety.

Which parts of your life are you not paying attention to?
Are you having enough fun? Are you allowing yourself to have rewarding relationships with supportive people? Are you treating your body to healthy food and good exercise? Are you taking care of your finances so that you are not worrying about your security all the time? Are you bored of your food or exercise routine, or your social life or work? We need variety, and to feel fulfilled and that we are contributing to something!

What one small step can you take this week to remedy this?
If you have more than one area that needs improving, pick the one that has the biggest impact on the other areas of your life.

Please do feel free to leave a comment below, Gorgeous! It’s great to share tips and experiences, and I personally love to hear what you are up to.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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