How to beat sugar addiction

Tips to Kick Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is extremely common. Especially for us girls. We just seem to love our cakes, chocolate, tubs of luxury ice-cream, cookies and well let’s face it, anything that’s sweet and yummy!

Sugar is a naughty little monster as it messes with our blood sugar, causing spikes and dips which means that we get a sudden rush (woohoo) followed by a huge drop in energy (gimme more chocolate!). So we get stuck in this loop of kicks and drops. You need an energy boost, so you feast on sugary snacks, then when the sugar wears off you need more to get through the day.

And of course sugar creates an acid-state in your body, (disease, especially cancer, loves acid and sugary bodies) and contributes to obesity and diabetes. If these dangers don’t motivate you enough to address your sugar consumption (‘I might get run over by a bus before I sick…’) then you can certainly benefit your ‘now’ by tweaking your habits. Changing your eating habits and reducing the amount of sugar (refined sugar in particular) will really help your energy levels. As an ex-sugar addict I can certainly confirm this!

I do believe that part of the solution is actually realising that sugar is an addictive substance and that you really don’t ‘need’ your cookies and sweet treats. Of course they are yummy, and can socially bond us (Is anything better than sharing a yummy cake with your best girl friends?…well, apart from the obvious 😉 ) but often if we really look at the reasons why we are munching on sugar all day, we can make great steps to breaking unhealthy habits and replacing them with equally (if not more) yummy, energy-giving and fun things!

Here are some tips for you:

1. Do you turn to sugar snacks when you need an energy boost?
Have a look at what you are eating. Make sure you are eating wholefoods (eg brown rice and whole wheat pasta or bread) instead of eg white rice, bread and pasta. The complex carbs in wholegrain alternatives give you a more sustained energy release, so you are less likely to dip heavily after a meal. If you do need a snack choose something with fiber and natural sugars to prevent further blood sugar spikes eg some fruit and a handful of unroasted, unsalted nuts like almonds or cashews. And make sure you are eating lots of fresh, energy boosting raw veggies like salads! And don’t skip any meals…you are more likely to make better eating choices with a level blood sugar and clear head!

2. Are sugary treats a helpful prop when you need comfort?
Explore other ways that can bring you relief and love. How about calling a lovely friend or going for a walk with someone to talk things through? How about getting some exercise? It really boosts your mood and if you choose a sport/exercise class that really requires your focus it is great for shifting your mind from a certain problem and giving your heart a little break from sadness and worry. Or try treating yourself to something else. A massage maybe (ask a friend/lover for a free one!) or a nice relaxing bath. Don’t have time? PLEASE make time. You have to look after yourself. If you don’t then who will? Really…

3.  Do you just love the taste? Well, you are not alone! I love desserts so much I made it my goal to become a healthy-dessert goddess so that I can have my cake, eat it and not feel horrid afterwards! Try out some new recipes that use healthier sweeteners such as dried fruit or low GI agave syrup. Check out my recipe book for 43 super sexy ideas!!

A little warning: dried fruit and raw desserts can still raise the blood sugar. Of course they also deliver minerals and other great nutrients, and are heck of a lot better than refined sugary treats. Just don’t live off them ok!? Remember to eat your greens!…

4. Add more greens to your diet!
The more greens you eat, the less you tend to crave sugar. Drink green juice and green smoothies. Add lots of green leaves to your salads. Try spinach, rocket, lambs lettuce, watercress… Find your favorite! Wheat grass juice is particularly good for battling sugar cravings!

5. Switch those sugary/caffeinated drinks for water!
Even fruit juice can cause blood sugar dips (still healthier than soda of course) but just keep an eye on that, and dilute with water if necessary. Water keeps you hydrated and energized! Explore which herb teas take your fancy instead of coffee or black tea. Caffeine also messes with your energy levels!

6. Taking a yummy sugar trip out of boredom?
Maybe your job makes you yawn, or you find yourself stuck to the sofa and TV in the evenings? What steps do you need to take to change your job? Is there a hobby you would like to start/take up again? Start thinking about how you want your life to look like. Maybe you need some motivation or guidance from a friend or coach to get you started, but once you change your habits you will have more energy to start living the life you actually love!

I hope this helps you start thinking about those naughty little sugar monsters! Let me know how you get on!

Remember to check out my other blog posts for yummy healthy desserts to help you on your way!


2 thoughts on “Tips to Kick Your Sugar Addiction

  1. Jaaam vad gott det ser ut! Jag försöker ändra min livstil lite i taget:D……finns ju faktiskt rikigt smarriga recept som är så mycket nyttigare….

    Lots of love!


  2. Hej Helena! Small steps (changing things a little at a time) is a great way to go! Good for you! Happy healthy eating!


    Johanna xx

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