Shiny Happy Green Smoothie

Have you ever taken something or someone for granted? Perhaps a loved one. They are so good for you that you kind of get used to the nice feeling you get when they are in your life, but as soon as they disappear from your world you feel a loss. You realise then that you need to show more gratitude for their gifts when they come back into your life again.

Well, this is what I experienced with my super-green smoothies. I always knew they made me feel good, but it was only when I began flirting with the slightly more convenient and much sweeter breakfast alternatives that I realised just how much they bring my days to a better level.

I think it started last week sometime when either we had run out of green smoothie ingredients, or I was in a rush and found it quicker to throw together a bowl of raw muesli with some nut mylk that I had previously made. ‘Yummmm, that was tasty and easy’, I thought. And already by the next day it had become a convenient habit.

But after a few days of this I realised that I wasn’t my usual shiny self. I didn’t feel ill or anything, just that something was missing. You know, like when you don’t realise that a window is dirty, but it’s only when you polish it that you realise that it can look that clear and sparkly and that you can see out of it!

As soon as I realised this I was back in the greenies. Of course, since I am a hungry bunny in the mornings, I can still have my raw cereal for second breakfast, but if I start my day with plenty of mineral rich, alkalizing and balancing greens plus a few helpful superfoods then I am the shiny happy person that I prefer to be!

So here is a list of the ingredients I use for my shiny green smoothies. For a gentler version then remember that I have another recipe here >>.

Miss Best’s Shiny Happy Green Smoothie
Serves 2

This is a lovely and subtly sweet drink. The sunflower sprouts and parsley help with the subtle sweetness so I don’t need to use too much fruit which isn’t as balancing for my body. Blend together the following goodies:

– Large handful green leaves e.g. spinach, lambs lettuce (about 2 cups worth)
– One largehandful parsley
– 1 cup mango or pineapple
– 1 banana
– About 1.5 cups – 2 cups water or water kefir (if I am using frozen mango or pineapple, and the weather is cold, then I will use warm water so the smoothie doesn’t freeze my tummy!)
– ½ cucumber
– Large handful sprouts – I love using sweet sunflower sprouts (optional)
– 2 teaspoons linseed (flax) oil (for healthy omega oils)

Then I might add:

– 2 teaspoons spirulina – rich in protein, amino acids, chlorophyll, supports immune system
– 2 teaspoons maca – an adaptogen (meaning that it works to support the body wherever it is needed) and energizing food
– 1 teaspoon He shou wu – cleanses the blood by directly strengthening the functioning of the liver and the kidneys.
– 1 teaspoon camu camu – excellent natural source of vitamin C, is energizing and also has anti-viral and immune-boosting properties.
– 2 teaspoons dried barley grass powder – rich in chlorophyll, and wonderfully alkalizing

You can find these superfoods in some health food stores and on line. For Scandinavian friends I can recommend

This morning we had run out of green leaves again, so I made a point of mixing all the superfoods in some diluted fresh grapefruit juice before my raw muesli. It did the trick, so it’s good to know that even on the days when I am impatiently awaiting the delivery of our organic veg box, I can still get some green things into my blood.

Have a shiny happy day! xx


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