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How to boost your energy with just 5 mins a day

One very common problem that I have observed amongst my clients, and other people around me, is that we want more energy to do the things we need (and want) to do, but we just can’t see a gap in our busy schedule to work on it.

We have so many demands put on us: run a successful business / go to work, grow our business / get promoted, raise a family, keep pristine homes, look amazing, feel amazing, and have time to read the latest talked-about novel that’s usually full of enough sex and raunch to make us question our own sex lives, which we sometimes manage to ‘get round to’, possibly after we have ticked off all of the above ….

It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Once you have a little more energy, getting through the day is much less draining, and so you will have more energy left over to invest in getting even more energy to enjoy even more things. But what if you really don’t think you have an extra 30 minutes a day to work on your energy levels? Well, let’s start with little steps just to get the energy ball rolling. A small investment can eventually lead to much improved energy levels, leaving you the zest you need to do the things you love!

I am pretty certain that we can all find just 5 minutes a day to start as an investment seedling. Have a quick think about how you spend your time, and where you do it. If you find yourself surfing the net or watching TV for several hours a week, then you can surely spare just 5 minutes! If you are constantly on the go then it’s even possible to use some of the time for energy growth.

Here are some tips depending on where you can spare your 5 minutes:

At home

Note: If you have kids then prioritise in investing in your 5 minutes as soon as they are in bed before you start clearing up after dinner etc! Or get up 5 minutes earlier!

  • Make a smoothie! – Enjoying an energy-giving smoothie as a healthy and yummy breakfast, snack or pre/post workout drink can really help you feel energized. Often we don’t make time to eat and run on empty throughout the day, which leaves us tired, irritable and stressed. We may turn to unhealthy drinks or snacks like coffee, caffeinated sodas, pastries, chocolate etc just to keep us going. You can easily whip up a smoothie in 5 minutes. Put it in a thermo mug or flask and take it with you to the office!

Here is a yummy recipe for you to try! >>

  • Exercise – Do a quick blast of sit ups, push ups or squats. Try some yoga poses or pump out your favourite track and dance for your life!
  • Meditate (see below)
  • Set yourself an energy-releasing goal – Something like de-cluttering your wardrobe – it’s amazing how energizing this can be! Do a quick 5 minutes each day. Set a timer and just go for it…no procrastination!
  • Call an inspiring friend – someone who is lovely and supportive…not one of those energy vampires who suck your energy. Use your conversation for progressive and uplifting talk rather than whining about stuff you never intend on changing! Keep it to 5 minutes – if you talk too long you may find yourself avoiding doing it again because you ‘can’t spare the time’.

On the way to work

  • Meditate– It’s amazing how refreshing even a short meditation can be. And you don’t have to worry about chanting ‘Om’ and sitting cross legged! As long as you are not driving, sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and take a few deep and calm breaths. You can either just try and clear your mind or you can focus on some inspiring words such as ‘calm’ or ‘energy’ or ‘success’…or you can just give gratitude for the things you appreciate in life! Whatever works for you! If you are on a busy noisy train, then it may help to listen to some nice music, or even a guided meditation.If you are driving, then try turning off the distracting chit chat of the radio (and depressing news) for a few minutes and enjoy the peace. Again you can focusing on inspiring words (as above) or take a moment to appreciate the things you do have in life.
  • Take every opportunity to move!– Being more physically active helps energize you! One of my pet irritations (I don’t have many) is seeing so many able-bodied people (with no luggage or kids in tow) standing on the escalators. What a wasted opportunity for free exercise! It may seem hard work at first, but you will soon improve in stamina. Start with walking half way up if that’s all you can manage.Other easy tricks include parking as far away as possible from the office so you get a bit of a walk, or getting off the bus/ tube one or two stops early.

At the office

  • Take the stairs wherever possible – free exercise!
  • Go for a 5 minute walk – Instead of looking at amusing pictures of cats when you need a distraction, get yourself moving . If you feel your boss will object then argue that smokers take smoking breaks, surely you should be allowed a 5 minute walking break? And if you do smoke (ahem….I am sure you are working on quitting, right?!) then walk while you smoke! Encourage your colleagues to do the same so you don’t miss out on the social interaction.

Try these tips for a week and notice how it makes you feel. If you feel you are given more energy, then look to see where you can save more time in your day to invest an extra 5 minutes. Who knows, maybe you will soon have the energy to try out all those sex positions you read about it that book…


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