Good News for Lovers of Vegan Chocolate and Tea

Have you ever been stuck for a really, really great vegan gift – for someone you love, or to put on your own wish list? Well, good news! I have just launched my new business, Tea & Chocolate, specialising in organic tea and vegan chocolate gift boxes. When looking for presents for my vegan friends and siblings (or indeed for non-vegan friends), or when dropping hefty hints about what I would like for my birthday or Christmas, I have been generally unimpressed with the options of 100% vegan gift boxes. It’s great they exist, of course, but they are often filled with products which I could quite easily get in my local health food shop. Products which are nice enough but just aren’t that special. And sometimes they contain random things like stock cubes…which just ain’t that sexy. And most aren’t organic.

So I’ve spent the last year tracking down some deee-licious organic vegan chocolates that are super sexy – both  outside and inside the packaging- and great tasting premium organic teas to help you give the best gift of the year! And I’ve been sure to source from makers who have awesome values like supporting fair or direct trade. One of my tea makers, Tea People, use 50% of their profits for providing education for kids in tea growing regions. Not only does this spare the kids a several hour round trip to get to school, but it provides girls with access to education, which they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

So, in short: beautiful gifts that look gorgeous, taste divine and do good!

Please do take a look. Why not send the link to your family and friends with an unsubtle ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink, hint, hint’? 🙂  And if you join our Tea & Chocolate Club (for free) you  get 10% of every order, every time you order as well as exclusive offers, and first-to-know news and other fabulous things like that! Head on over to