Say no and free up time for self care or to start your dream business

Just say No

Not an anti drugs Grange Hill song but a plea to snip down your commitment list. Because saying ‘No’ allows you to say ‘Yes’ to more important things like self care or starting your dream business.

Taking on too much can seriously make you lose your shit

There is only so much we can do – both practically (24 hrs in a day) and emotionally (unless you want to burn out).

Saying ‘No’ allows you to say ‘Yes’ to more important things.

By saying yes to stuff because you’re over ambitious…

or a people pleaser…

or an ‘it will look good on my CV’ addict…

or a subconscious ‘fill my days with so much that I don’t have to face the challenge of reaching for my dream goals’ gal…

means that you’re saying no to things that will keep you cool, happy and healthy.

Ya know, vital stuff like self care or taking that first step towards the life you KNOW you are meant to be living.

Here’s how to say ‘No’

  • Make a list of all your commitments – both work and social ones.
  • What can you say no to and claim even just one hour a week to use to chill out, invest in self care or start that course/business/workout you’re itching to do?
  • If you have a hard time deciding then assess each of your commitments with this question: “does this take me towards my dream goals?”
  • And if your head is still confused, listen to your gut. If it contracts when you think about that commitment and makes you feel blurgh, it’s time to get rid of it. Or at least reduce your involvement in it.

Yes, you might disappoint some people, and yes some people might get all judgy (jealous, more like) but screw it – this is your life and you owe it yourself and your loved ones to take care of yourself.

So what can you say no to this week to free up just one hour of your precious time for more important things?

Be bold and go for more hours if you can!

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