Self care isn't selfish

Stop being so bloody selfish! Yes you!

What do you mean? Selfish? I never take any time out for me! Sound familiar? Time to rethink your approach to looking after yourself, Darling!

If you consider self care to be selfish then have a think about the type of person you would prefer to lean on when times are tough:

someone who’s burned out themselves, with a body full of aches and a head full of stress, and a tongue tinged with bitterness…

… or someone who’s healthy, rested and with a fresh mind for encouraging words and smart thinking?

Being as balanced and as well as you can be is, in fact, a really self-less thing to do!

So what do you NEED to do today to look after yourself?

Now, please go do it!

Thank you. xoxo

Don’t have the time to do something deliciously selfless to take better care of you? Is it time to just say no to more things?

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