This is me! Hello! I’m Yohanna and I have been in love with food for such a long time. My food adventures have found me managing a restaurant in the jungle in Costa Rica, and running a cafe in Sweden. Now living in South Devon I teach vegan cooking and organise food adventures and experiences. I write for the food and tourism industry and am currently studying for a diploma in food journalism. I’ve been vegetarian since 1991 and vegan since 2003 so certainly know a thing or two about how to enjoy gorgeous and satisfying plant-based food! While my cooking is generally based on healthy, wholefoods I’m not at all adverse to indulging in extravagant treats and can be found cradling an ice-cold Martini and a plate of naughty nibbles as often as I sip on green smoothies and tuck into a wholesome Buddha Bowl!

I have previously devoured a Diploma in Vegetarian Nutrition to learn more about how food can work for us and I have been writing recipes for over ten years, many of which have been shared with the world in print and on screen.  I have worked as a healthy eating coach and vegan/raw food teacher to  help people prepare the food their bodies need. Food, I can fairly say, plays a pretty important role in my life!

And adventures, how I love an adventure! One of the nicest ways to spend a day, I think, is on a surf board, a kayak, a bicycle or on foot – enjoying the fresh air, challenging the body. Breathless, frustrated, accomplished. In awe of the nature around and warm and happy from the company of good friends. Refuelling the body around a delicious meal, swapping experiences of the day. Tired and hungry…but oh so happy!

Food and Adventure! Adventures with Food.